• Happy, Healthy, Fit people enjoy taking care of their Spirit, Minds, & Bodies. You can do so much more when the body is strong and fit!

  • All it takes is the desire to change for the better, and the will to say what if I really tried.

  • Youthfulness & vitality are not just for the young, they are yours for the taking.

  • Inspire Yourself, Believe in Yourself, Push Yourself and You will do it.

  • What is it you want to achieve? Who do you want to become?
    Isn't it time to give yourself this gift of health & wellness?

  • All it takes is commitment and desire, HH&F will do the rest.

  • How about increase your energy level, be a better athlete, improve your golf or tennis game.

Holistic Health & Fitness

Holistic Health & Fitness is a holistic health center dedicated to the teaching and practice of Holistic Health modalities, which integrates the whole person, to bring about true health & fitness.
Let’s begin to create the health and wellness you deserve and start living a long and joyful life. It takes two encouraging steps. The decision to commit to an Holistic Health & Fitness program and the willingness to stay committed to your goals.
Holistic Health & Fitness will coach you in understanding your body’s needs, and train you in fitness protocols to achieve the best results in our holistic wellness centers. Holistic Health & Fitness is right there with you every step of the way. This will help you to stay on track and focused on achieving your goals.

Holistic Health & Fitness  feels there are three critical factors to providing for our clients.

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This information is exactly what I teach my private clients. The only exception is they pay thousands of dollars to work privately with me, and you won’t.
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Advanced coaching gives you private access to working along side of me, Dave Fresilli to build the health and fitness you have always desired.
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Ashland Holistic Health

We are unique

We are Unique...

Holisitc Health & Fitness  works individually with each client to address his or her needs through a fully holistic approach. Not just a workout, not just post rehab, not just nutrition, or lifestyle, but all of them combined. This is the most complete system designed to allow the body to heal and rebuild its natural state of health and wellness.
We offer extraordinary value

We offer Extraordinary Value...

Our holistic wellness center is your personal coach, trainer, and consultant for your health and fitness goals. Our work continues well after your training session is done. We constantly research, update and improve your program development based on your present conditioning. Clients have full access to the studio during working hours so you have a private studio with supervision at your convenience. No more paying for another gym membership. Holistic Health & Fitness offers seminars and workshops on health and fitness open to all clients at a reduce rate and online. We want you to be as educated as we are so you can help and guide others.
We walk, our talk

We Walk our Talk...

Holistic Health & Fitness believes that we can only teach to the level of our own understanding and abilities. We follow the same health and fitness protocols that our clients do. So we know what it means to eat healthy, stay committed to our goals, and take care of our Bodies our Minds and our Spirits. In doing so we can also proudly boast of the wonderful changes it has made in our lives, and in our clients' lives.

I’m ready to walk my talk!

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Holistic Health & Fitness

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