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That creating true health and wellness begins with a deep understanding of the body’s ability to handle the stressors of today’s world, and then incorporating health & fitness protocols to help the body restore balance. By integrating fitness, nutrition, post rehabilitation and lifestyle changes the body becomes healthier and stronger and balanced. When the body is in balance there is health and wellness.

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The Easy Health Formula™ :

This online 6-week course, includes, downloadable PDF, mp3 audio files, and videos, to offer an in-depth learning experience of the 6 Components within The Easy Health Formula™.

Each week you will have access to one of the 6 Components via the membership site which will include an mp3 audio file, a PDF,  and a video file for you to review. In-addition each week Dave will meet via Facebook Live in the group to review and answer your questions. 

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Advanced coaching:

This program is designed for those who have completed The Easy Health Formula™ online course. Each client will work individually with Dave through Skype, face time, or in studio, if local, one hour every week. In these one-hour sessions, Dave will go deeply into each component so that they are integrated into the client’s life to achieve lasting health and well being. This is coaching at its highest level to obtain optimum results. This program is one session per week, with a minimum 6 month commitment. 

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WellBeing – The Mastery Program™ :

This Mastery Path is to realize how you as “Beingness” itself is whole, complete, and beyond all conditions of physical dysfunction, illness and disease that may be experienced.

Within this path, clients speak with Dave weekly in one-hour sessions, through Skype or Facetime to recognize deeper levels of awareness as their True Nature. Not just an intellectual understanding, but instead the Mastery Path is set to point the client to realize they are already complete and whole beyond the body’s condition

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Holistic Health & Fitness offers several multi-dimensional fitness classes,such as, the Drip series, Box Fit, Yoga, Kettlebell, and Slim Down for the Gown. All the classes offer a variety of fitness modalities for participants.

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Private One-on-One Coaching:

Each client goes through an extensive assessment, which will determine the client’s needs. Training consists of corrective stretching and exercise, rehabilitation (if needed), nutrition, and lifestyle protocols to achieve optimum health and fitness along with the client’s personal goals.

Training with Dave is done in one-hour sessions, one to five times a week, depending on the client’s needs. These fully integrated programs are offered in six month or one year commitments.

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