Only Witnessing the Reflection On A Pond

Imagine you are standing in the forest, and come across a pond. The pond surface is completely still, and surrounded by trees up to its banks. You observe everything without involvement. The trees are just [...]

You Are Only Awareness

Awareness is your actual existence and actual experience. This means you do not exist as something referred to as a person. The only thing occurring is the witnessing of experience. This may take a bit [...]

Surrender Your Suffering

I know you want to be free of illness and disease. I know you want to have a healthy body. I know you want to have a happy life experience. Who in their right mind [...]

You Keep Putting Up Walls

You are getting in your own way. Have you ever felt like that? You keep putting up walls around you and you feel more and more isolated. What are these walls? They are nothing but [...]