When All Is Lost

It feels like the most terrible thing to lose everything. We of course use that phrase incorrectly, to get across how emotionally devastating a situation is. It may happen that we lose our jobs, or [...]

Why Hold On To The Moment

Something wonderful happens and we want it to last forever. We even label it as a special moment in time. We always use it as a yardstick in which we measure all other events against. [...]

The Crippling Effect Of Belief

Aren’t we conditioned to believe that belief is important? That we must believe to make things come true? We must have faith and believe that all will work out? This may feel like blasphemy, however [...]

In Every Moment

Every moment is the potential to change this life experience into something beyond what you have accepted. What does that mean? You at this moment and the next, (everything you believe to be your days, [...]

Starting Over

Why is it we feel the need to have a day to start over? It is as if we are postponing our efforts of getting back on track, (usually a Monday), before we make the [...]

Only Witnessing the Reflection On A Pond

Imagine you are standing in the forest, and come across a pond. The pond surface is completely still, and surrounded by trees up to its banks. You observe everything without involvement. The trees are just [...]