A beginners guide to starting at any age

All you need is a goal, the commitment, and the desire to achieve;
Holistic Health & Fitness will give you the rest.

The body summates stress. It doesn’t recognize the difference between emotional stress and stressors affecting your organs, muscles, etc. We need to understand there is a direct link between stress and our health and well-being.

  • Would you like to get in better shape, loose those extra pounds, be a better athlete, improve your golf or tennis game. How about increase your energy level, have better posture, look and feel younger?
  • Holistic Health & Fitness designs individualized exercise programs based on the client’s goals and assessments so their health challenges are being addressed and fitness goals are met.
  • Using three separate phases of exercise, Corrective / Stabilization, Strength and Power, a client’s programs will continually change so the body must continually adapt, getting stronger, leaner, and healthier.

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Please download the Health Questionnaires

These health questionnaires allow us to identify the internal systems that are under stress and may be causing your health challenges.
Read the directions carefully, fill out and send back to us so that we may design your individual health program.

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