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If we neglect our bodies natural inherent rhythms, and how they are designed to work with nature and what it provides, but instead fall prey to fast, processed and calorie dense/nutrient poor foods that surround us for convenience, we soon find out that our own precious bodies are telling us through physical, mental, and emotionally negative reactions that it is suffering. Our bodies are designed to digest and assimilate wholesome, organic, natural, unprocessed foods. These perfect foods have all that is needed to fulfill the body’s needs for optimum health and wellness.

It is so important what we choose to nourish our bodies so they may have the nutrients to heal and prosper. As a holistic health practitioner, Dave Fresilli will guide you to understand and apply the needed skills to bring about lasting change.

Why Use a Holistic Health Practitioner at Holistic Health and Fitness?

At Holistic Health & Fitness, we understand that we are all individuals, and the foods and combinations of protein, fats and carbohydrates that would heal one’s body can differ between individuals. Finding the right combination is a major component of our work as holistic health practitioners in designing an individual program for each client.

We must begin to bring ourselves back into alignment with the natural processes of the body and nature so our bodies may radiate the health and wellness we all desire. All we have to do is get out of our own ways, and begin to understand and apply the laws of nature to our food and lifestyles. What’s most exciting for us is, by giving the body what it needs to heal itself the rest is done for us, and we receive all the benefits of health, wellness, youthfulness and vitality.

Relax and rejuvenate your spirit, mind and body with practical holistic health tips and advice

Just like building a stable body, you must commit to build a stable mind. -David E Fresilli

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Our primary purpose is to awaken to our true nature. Our secondary purpose is then to experience and express our true nature in this life experience. -David E Fresilli

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The deeper realization of your True Nature is joy, love, peace, and tranquility. -David E Fresilli

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